A vision for a next-generation personalised learning system that can be scaled.

We need to develop bots that will be useful for teachers and students at scale in math, social studies, or science bot? As schools realise the value of having these bots work with children to provide personalised learning support while not overworking our teachers any further we can begin to move toward desired outcomes while spending much less than hiring an army of tutors.

We envision bringing to life bots that can handle active learning and understand the district’s subject matter, lessons, and activities. It must recognize the context of what is being taught and the stages by which learning develops so that it can see where a student is deficient. Data is the key to this process. We can train the bot with structured information so that it learns to respond to a student asking a question, taking an assessment, provide contextualised feedback, and so on. In the future, the bot can also learn how to respond to emotional cues, such as offering words of encouragement, thereby addressing social-emotional learning concerns.

Knomadix has developed a learning platform that combines artificial intelligence and active learning to deliver personalised instruction and intervention to help maximise student potential. The platform allows state- and district-level curriculum developers, instructional coaches, and teachers to transform static lessons into delivering machine-assisted one-on-one learning support. It also enables publishers and course developers to embed LessonBots into their existing digital courses.

How does this type of technology change the classroom?

With Knomadix, the teacher can use the data to see exactly where students are having difficulties. This kind of granular data will help teachers remediate, catch students up, and intervene before students have failed.

Imagine having 25 virtual teaching assistants that are collecting real-time data and simultaneously aggregating findings into an easy-to-read dashboard. Virtual bot teaching assistants provide support for students so that teachers can navigate through all the student interactions and see whom needs what help, where they need help, and gain deep insights into every student’s learning development.

Wouldn’t that be a great step in the direction of learning gain?

Adapted from an article by Ramesh Balan who is the founder, chief architect, and CEO of Knomadix.


Dr. Ericka Johnson-Allen currently serves as superintendent for one of the largest charter networks in Texas and is CEO and founder of Imagine That Consulting, where she engages leaders through professional coaching and transformational experiences.


Chris Oglivie-Taylor – CEO, Marsden Grant International teaching & learning
John Stow – Partner at Hamilton Education