Knomadix Backpack

Knomadix Backpack

Knomadix Backpack allows students to receive, complete, submit and receive direct feedback on locally-created,  individualized, interactive lessons.

Knomadix Classroom

Knomadix Classroom allows teachers to easily assign, review, assess, grade and provide individualized feedback on student lessons.
Knomadix SmartCanvas

Knomadix Smart Canvas

Knomadix SmartCanvas enables students to experience and interact with the dynamic lessons created using SmartLabel, SmartPaper and SmartVideo Designers inside Knomadix Studio.

Knomadix Studio

Knomadix Studio permits teachers and curriculum specialists to easily create, and convert static worksheets and video files, to dynamic, individualized lessons.

Backpack & Smart Canvas

Knomadix Apps for  Students.

Studio & Classroom

Knomadix Apps for Teachers.


Knomadix App for Administrators.

Building individualized, interactive lessons has never been easier.


Scan in static worksheets to create interactive exercises with instant feedback, auto-grading, stroke-by-stroke screen capture and teacher replay functionality.

Great for capturing student work in math & science!


Scan in any static materials to create captivating content that instantly becomes interactive, gamifed, and multi-modal.

Great for labeling maps, charts, graphs, science diagrams, math graphics, and ELA processes like sentence structuring.


Upload static videos to create immersive instructional video experiences by embedding activities and assessments.

Great for increased student engagement and retention with quick knowledge checkpoints per topic or every few minutes.


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