Contributors: Syed Ibrahim, Viji Janakiraman, Cynthia Bayuk-Bishop, Ramesh Balan  

The recent pandemic has exposed several key problems in the education system across the globe. In addition to the basic issues with providing every student with a learning device, between 20-25% of the students in the United States do not have a reliable internet connection at home, which prevents them from having access to quality education resources and learning experiences.  

Knomadix has developed the first-ever learning delivery solution using the Knomadix Backpack app, that provides students access to high-quality, dynamic learning resources both in an online mode as well as in an offline mode. This means students who do not have access to internet can still access their lessons and learn from their home. The Knomadix Backpack was originally developed using the React Native platform for iOS and Android devices. There is increasing demand for this solution to work on Windows Laptops and Windows tablet devices.  

Knomadix partnered with Microsoft to migrate the Knomadix Backpack app to the Microsoft Store using React Native for Windows — which will enable students to learn in an offline mode even when they’re not connected to the internet.  After collaborating for four months, we are excited to announce the release of React Native version of the Knomadix Backpack app, which is now available in the Microsoft Store for Windows 10 users. Click below to watch a video and learn more about Knomadix. 

Background and Challenges with Classroom Technology: 

In the 21st century, technology has undeniably become an integral part of the educational landscape. However, educators have been challenged by the problems of effectively integrating technology into the classroom, keeping their students engaged, and improving their learning outcomes. Even with billions of dollars spent on classroom technology every year by K-12 schools, technology is yet to play a key role in accelerating student cognition development and transforming how teachers instruct and how students learn. 

Negative Effect of COVID on the Quality of Learning Delivery: 

To further compound this problem, the COVID global pandemic has left a lasting impact on the quality of educational delivery across the globe. More than 90% of the schools around the world were either fully or partially closed during 2020. Schools were forced to scramble around to find a workable solution for students to learn from home. They soon realized that there were gaping holes with their technology delivery infrastructure. Serious equity and access issues were discovered within the public-school system with more than 20% of the students not having their own device and a reliable internet connection to access their remote learning resources.  

The Knomadix Advantage: 

Knomadix, an edtech startup based in Dallas, was founded in 2014 with a simple idea to shift K-12 school curriculum and digital learning delivery from a static to a dynamic model. Knomadix has worked over the past five years to build the industry’s first platform powered by AI and Active Learning to make every learning experience count for every student.  

Knomadix Value Proposition: 

Knomadix’s next generation platform combines AI and Active Learning to deliver dynamic lessons that enrich student learning, improve student engagement, increase teacher productivity, and make human-tutor-like one-to-one learning more affordable and scalable for everyone. Knomadix lessons are interactive, provide instant feedback for students and deeper insights into individual learning for teachers. It’s like giving every student their own personal tutor. Teachers can maximize productivity, personalize support for EVERY student and track their growth. It’s like giving every teacher their own team of co-teachers!  

Our key value proposition is to provide near one-to-one learning experiences using AI at a 100x cost efficiency compared to the cost for a human tutor.  

The following are the key benefits of implementing the Knomadix solution. 

  • Improve student  engagement.    
  • Maximize student learning  potential.    
  • Improve teacher  productivity.
  • Provide  equitable access to  every student regardless of their background or  situation.  

How does Knomadix work? 

The Knomadix platform is made up of three main components, which work in tandem to help deliver dynamic lessons that provide one-to-one near human-tutor-like support to every student. 

Static resources can simply be uploaded using the pre-made templates in Knomadix studio, so teachers and curriculum administrators can QUICKLY create active learning experiences and dynamic assessments. Knomadix Studio allows Teachers to accommodate multiple modalities utilizing visual, audible, and tactile elements to provide truly interactive, individualized assignments and learning experiences. 

Students can access their lessons inside the BACKPACK app and complete their work even when they are NOT connected to the internet. Students can download activities to work on their device even if Wi-Fi is not available. Student progress on the activity, including assets like multimedia files will be downloaded to the local storage of their smart device. Students may continue to work on their device seamlessly. When they connect back to the network, they may upload the progress that they made while offline. 

Automated grading with instant replay of step-by-step student work helps teachers easily pinpoint where student learning breaks down inside the Knomadix Classroom app. This allows teachers to provide focused intervention that accelerates learning development.  

Demand for RN Windows Version OF Knomadix Backpack App: 

The Knomadix Backpack App was originally developed for iOS and Android devices, using the React Native platform. One of Knomadix’s customers, an Arizona school district, had just purchased Dynabook Windows laptops for all their students. However, 70% of their students did not have a reliable connection to the internet. This meant the school could not offer remote learning for most of their students. Knomadix offered to collaborate with Dynabook and the school district to build and deploy the Knomadix Backpack app on Windows, using React Native.  

The React Native Windows team within Microsoft collaborated closely with Knomadix to migrate several of React Native modules into our application to develop a Universal Windows App using React Native. React Native for Windows enabled Knomadix to take advantage of the native capabilities of the Windows 10 platform including displaying PDFs, inking, and offline storage, which provides students and teachers an unparalleled experience for digital learning. Knomadix partnered with Microsoft to expose these APIs via community modules so other RNW apps can leverage them as well. 

Knomadix enables the migration of the traditional math, science, language, and other subject paper worksheets and allows the students to show all their work to the teacher as well as select from given answers to see if they have figured out the right answer for the problem. 

These capabilities combined with the Knomadix Backpack Offline functionality delivers enriched student learning through INTERACTIVITY, INSTANT FEEDBACK and HUMAN TUTOR-LIKE assistance. Students can show their step-by-step work to demonstrate their learning and have their work automatically graded. Automated grading with instant replay of step-by-step student work helps teachers EASILY pinpoint where student learning breaks down. This allows teachers to provide FOCUSED intervention that ACCELERATES learning development.  


We are excited to release the Knomadix Backpack Windows App, thanks to our partnership with Microsoft, Dynabook and NeedThese. The Backpack Windows Native app now runs on all Windows 10 devices including Windows desktops, Windows laptops, Windows tablets, Surface Tablets and Xboxes. For more information, please visit