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Knomadix assignments are very easy to use. Everything is on the cloud so I can create all my exercises on any device. Students get immediate feedback, which, with auto-grading and differentiated lessons, improves classroom assessment.

Nicole Breckling

Algebra Teacher, Richardson High School

Knomadix improves upon paper-based worksheets by allowing customization and personalization; use of multiple media;  and instant feedback to cater to differing learning styles; while providing insight and simplifying classroom management.

Ashley Steele

Science Teacher, Lake Highlands Junior High School

The greatest benefit of the Knomadix system is that students get immediate feedback as well as the teachers, and that way I know exactly what they need help with, and they can tell me what they need help with — so everyone can succeed.

Jeanie Burkhalter

Science/Social Studies Teacher, Lake Highlands Elementary School

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