Think about the traditional ways that we currently teach STEM subjects like math and science in the classroom.   It’s a combination of textbook reading, teacher instructions, practice concepts, and final evaluations. Do you think it works for ALL the students?

Children have an innate enthusiasm for learning and are curious to ask questions to understand things better. What happens when they don’t understand math, their doubts remain unclear. They have mixed feelings of anxiety, fear, frustration, embarrassment, which leads to an aversion to math. What if an app can help children to understand and practice math concepts at their own pace?

At Knomadix, our software is designed to bring a new generation of AI-assisted content which understands each child and their unique learning curve. It customizes the practice session for each child, provides hints at each stage of problem-solving, and promotes self-learning.   We know how important it is for children to enjoy learning math without fear and harness their STEM skills for success in today’s technology-driven world.

Let’s look at the six ways the NumberSense app provides an engaging learning experience for children to learn math skills in a fun way, using gamification and spatial reasoning.

  1. Dynamic layout and animated math problems

NumberSense app is designed to be engaging and exciting for children, unlike traditional math practice tools such as flashcards that can be boring to kids. The visual two-dimensional number board layout provides an interactive way for children to input their answers instead of using a keyboard. This unique layout allows them to sharpen their spatial reasoning and critical thinking skills.

NumberSense provides a variety of problems in specific math skill areas including:

  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • Division
  • Mixed number operations
  • Pre-Algebra

The NumberSense app offers an animation of how the number board is laid out and a countdown blue screen that builds anticipation for the math problem… 3… 2… 1… Go!   And you bet children are excited to get started.

When using NumberSense, children can choose from a variety of traditional (square) layouts to spiral, and randomized problem and solution layouts.   The screen fills with numbers as part of the equation to be solved, and kids enjoy a dynamic and animated display that keeps them engaged longer.

  1. Unlocking rewards in the NumberSense monster market

Achievement based learning means providing tangible rewards and recognition.   That’s why children get excited about NumberSense.   As they work through the problems presented (and get help from our artificial intelligence (AI) assistant), there are levels that they can achieve that provide both awards and valuable feedback for their efforts.

The Monster Market is a badge system tailored to unlock new ‘monsters’ as students escalate through the levels in NumberSense. As they practice more, they accumulate points to unlock their monster badge rewards and master math skills in a fun way.

In classroom studies, our team at Knomadix has watched excited kids share new rewards with their peers. They discuss strategies to unlock the coveted new badges in the Monster Market. They are enthusiastic about practicing in NumberSense and learning new skills every day.

NumberSense is so much fun that children sometimes forget they are learning math while they play. And that’s a fantastic and effective way to learn.   Imagine a world when you ask your student or child to “do their math,” and they run to get their tablet.

  1. Leaderboard of friends and classmates using NumberSense

Teachers can bring NumberSense into the classroom to augment textbook math learning, with fun and engaging breakout sessions.     Students have their unique login credentials and dashboard, and they can also create a circle of friends.

They can see each other’s scores and are motivated to increase their scores by practicing more math.   When it’s fun, they get math work done (especially when they can see how many points their friends are acquiring in the app).

  1. Bright engaging and color App interface that children love

One of the design principles behind educational apps for children applies color psychology to maximize engagement and interest.   NumberSense characters are esthetically designed to be cute, friendly, and fun.     Using primary colors that are visually appealing against a dark blue background in the app, keeps the focus on the solutions and problems, which are animated in a variety of challenging layouts.

  1. Progress reports and analytics

Once the child has been using the NumberSense gamified math app, the results of their work play are recorded in the analytics dashboard. Now you will be able to see an intelligent dashboard of data that pinpoints the exact areas where the parents and teachers can increase communication (and practice) to help children master the core fundamental math skills.

NumberSense aligns with TEKS and Common Core standards.   That means that for children K-12, the math problems and solutions are helping them develop at standardized levels outlined by Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills.

  1. Portability: practice math anywhere and anytime

What if instead of handing their child a standard game, parents have NumberSense on their phone?   How many hours every week could you be incorporating a healthy new habit that has your children working toward meaningful educational outcomes?

We recommend installing NumberSense on a tablet at home (or parents may find they never get to use their phone!). Children are so enthusiastic about the NumberSense math application; they will want to keep working through all the levels.

Artificial intelligence in NumberSense also helps demystify obstacles children encounter, on the road to finding the correct answer and solution to math problems.   It breaks down the process in a way that is friendly and fun, thereby improving confidence in tasks that involve critical thinking and numeracy equations.

Knomadix is an educational software developer in Dallas, Texas.     We offer in-classroom dynamic content tools and have just launched our exciting new math app, NumberSense.   It is available for free download on Google Play and the Apple AppStore.