The widespread  availability  of low-cost, full-featured tablets in schools has (finally) made it possible for educators to seriously contemplate moving many day to day practice exercises and formative assessments to interactive  media.

The Knomadix platform offers K12 educators a simple way to accomplish this by providing a suite of tools that enable transitioning  from creating, distributing and managing paper worksheets to a completely digital workflow between students and their teachers.

Educators  can realize  an end-to-end digital workflow with Knomadix as follows:

  • Create interactive lessons with  Knomadix Studio — the simple drag-and-drop content authoring tool that allows easy  conversion of existing worksheets to interactive multi-media lessons
  • Assign lessons and assignments to Students with Knomadix Backpack  — the simple app for Students to receive, manage, perform, submit and receive feedback on assignments
  • Manage classroom, assessment, grading, and individualized  feedback with Knomadix Classroom — the simple app for Teachers to manage classroom workflow  

Knomadix Studio allows Teachers to  accommodate  multiple modalities utilizing visual, audible and tactile elements to provide truly interactive, individualized assignments and learning experiences. The teacher controls the levels of interactivity through the Studio tools and while students are working on homework assignments they can automatically receive feedback on the answers selected on their digital assignment.

Knomadix Backpack  runs on students’ tablets and allows students to consume the various types of interactive content created through Knomadix Studio.

Current content elements include  SmartPaper, SmartLabel and SmartVideo.

SmartPaper can be used for the migration of the traditional math, science, language and other subject paper worksheets and allows the students to show all their work to the teacher as well as select from given answers to see if they have figured out the right answer for the problem.

SmartLabel is a very clever type of matching exercise template where for example students would drag and drop the right name of each planet next to the correct picture of each planet.

SmartVideo combines both SmartPaper and SmartLabel with instructional videos. The teacher may insert other previously created SmartLabel or SmartPaper exercises within the video that helps students achieve a fully immersive learning experience, rather than just watch the videos. It is incredibly easy to use with very little training for teachers needed.

The twist is really in how educators lever the platform to create truly interactive content and then differentiate the level for the varying student abilities within a class. For example, public schools in Texas are required by TEA to show how they are differentiating instruction to their students. Knomadix makes this challenging problem easy to solve.

Knomadix is truly an innovative solution. While  there is lots of Flash content developed over many years, the Flash content in the marketplace it is difficult or  impossible for teachers to make any modifications to it. Interestingly, Flash content is in a similar position as paper lessons and textbooks in the K12 space — they both  provide a one size fits all solution for an  audience that requires customization and individualization.

In contrast, Knomadix makes it possible for teachers to easily differentiate and individualize their instruction. And, Knomadix features become increasingly important as schools and teachers move from a primarily lecture-based process towards  anywhere, anytime learning.

The Knomadix platform opens up a whole new world of possibilities for students and teachers.


René Le Bel serves as Head of Sales, Channel and Business Development. René brings decades of experience in K12 textbook publishing, business development, customer support and sales to Knomadix. This includes 25 years with J. M. LeBel Publishers where René served in a number of executive and operational capacities. René enjoys mountain bike riding, swimming and running and is passionate about the Knomadix customer experience.