Accelerate the Pace of Learning Growth With Active Step-by-step Feedback


Accelerate the Pace of Learning Growth With Active Step-by-step Feedback


Accelerate the Pace of Learning Growth With Active Step-by-step Feedback


Knomadix unlocks  student creativity and ingenuity  by empowering automation and  improving teacher productivity. Our  Active Learning AI Platform  is designed to transform the way students learn and educators teach. Knomadix provides schools with a robust set of capabilities to build, operate, measure and govern  machine-assisted one-to-one learning  for every student’s academic success.  

Unlike traditional learning management systems that provide access to static digital resources, Knomadix combines active learning with AI to  make every learning experience count. The following sets Knomadix apart from other learning systems:  
– Delivers  one-to-one learning experiences  using current district resources  
  Captures and replays  step-by-step student work  automatically      
–  Provides insights  specifically focused on where learning breaks down  
– Enables teachers to  remedy learning deficits & deliver targeted interventions  

Create Dynamic, Individualized Lessons

Knomadix   allows teachers and curriculum specialists to easily create or  transform  static PDF or video resources  into  engaging, dynamic lessons  that are tailored, and adaptive, to student’s needs.
Unlike static lessons, dynamic  lessons engage students, and provide teachers new digital tools to manage the classroom, evaluate student performance, and gain insights into individual student work steps.

Provide Immediate Feedback

Knomadix dynamic lessons are interactive. This provides opportunity to gain insight into the student’s solution process, and provide feedback at multiple points in the student journey.
This combination of contextual and timely feedback is essential to effective learning — permitting students to experiment while minimizing the risk of getting completely lost.

Leverage Automation  and Actionable Analytics

Knomadix enables teachers to create personalized assignments catering to differing skill levels. Integrated analytics and digital workflow allow teachers to easily gauge student achievement and assess learning outcomes.
The Knomadix digital workflow simplifies lesson creation, assignment and review; captures student and teacher interactions; and helps to improve efficiency of student assessment while reducing teacher grading duties.

Achieve Continuous Improvement in Learning

Knomadix empowers teachers to achieve continuous improvement in student learning — through fun, easy-to-create, dynamic lessons; immediate feedback; and actionable analytics.
This is a proven formula for continuous improvement — and Knomadix provides teachers, curriculum specialists, and administrators the tools to realize  this formula.

User Testimonials

Knomadix assignments are very easy to use. Everything is on the cloud so I can create all my exercises on any device. Students get immediate feedback, which, with auto-grading and differentiated lessons, improves classroom assessment.
Nicole Breckling

Algebra Teacher, Richardson High School

Knomadix improves upon  paper-based worksheets by allowing customization and personalization; use of multiple media;   and instant feedback to cater to differing learning styles; while providing insight and simplifying classroom management.
Ashley Steele

Science Teacher, Lake Highlands Junior High School

The greatest benefit of the Knomadix system  is that students get immediate feedback  as well as the teachers, and that way I know exactly what  they need help with, and they can tell me what they need help with — so everyone can succeed.
Jeanie Burkhalter

Science/Social Studies Teacher, Lake Highlands Elementary School

Knomadix Solutions



Knomadix Backpack  provides easy access to fun and engaging interactive lessons, immediate feedback for improved comprehension and retention, simplified assignment submission and teacher feedback, and improved organization for learning and preparedness.



Knomadix Studio &  Classroom  allow dynamic lesson development &  classroom management — allowing  Teachers to cater to different learning styles, gain  insight into student performance, and simplify workflow with  auto-assignment management, grading and tabulation.
Curriculum Specialist

Curriculum Specialist

Knomadix Studio gives curriculum specialists  tools to easily transform existing static lessons into dynamic, interactive lessons, or to create completely new dynamic, interactive lessons. Knomadix Exchange allows secure sharing and collaboration among teachers at district and state levels.
School Administrator

School Administrator

The Knomadix  Platform provides the most comprehensive solution to allow  Administrators to effectively plan and transform their classrooms into engaging learning environments. This includes localized lesson creation and administration, insightful analytics, comprehensive support and flexible deployment models.

Delivering  1:1  dynamic learning experiences  has never been easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

The most  commonly asked questions and answers are listed below. Please contact us with any additional questions you may have.



Create customized learning content matched to your district, school and individual student needs.


Engage each student with individualized lessons matched to their learning style.


Improve learning and educational outcome.

What are the components of the Knomadix solution?
The Knomadix solution includes the Backpack, Classroom, Content Studio, SmartCanvas and Dashboard applications.
What are the technical requirements to use Knomadix?
Knomadix content studio and Dashboard applications can be used on any standard browser from a desktop or a laptop. Google Chrome or Firefox browsers are preferred. Backpack, Classroom and SmartCanvas applications are supported on Android and iOS. A high-speed internet connection is necessary to operate several features within the various Knomadix applications.
What devices are supported by Knomadix for Backpack, Classroom and SmartCanvas?
Knomadix Backpack, Classroom and SmartCanvas applications are currently supported on tablets that run Android V4.4 and higher in general, although this release of our apps have been extensively tested only on Samsung Tab 4 and Samsung Note 10.1 models. We plan to expand the set of devices in the near future. In addition, the apps are supported on iPads running iOS versions 6.0 and higher.
How does Knomadix content differ from the various digital courseware options available in the marketplace?
Unlike the digital courseware which follows a one-size-fits-all approach, Knomadix content tools are built from the ground up to support the creation of fully customized content by educators, publishers and content developers using their existing static content resources (pdf files and video files), and incorporate multiple modalities and additional interactive and auto-grading capabilities into the content. Knomadix provides the complete infrastructure that spans from content creation, content management, content delivery and distribution and automation of the workflow between teacher and students and the gathering and consumption of analytics from student interactions.
What types of interactive content can I build using Knomadix Content Studio?
Knomadix allows educators and content developers to build three different types of interactive content. SmartLabel content is used to model multi-modal interactions that allow the students to either enter free form answers or use drag and drop modalities to receive immediate feedback. Typical content modeled using SmartLabel include science diagrams, geography maps, sentence structures, and multiple choice quizzes across many subjects. SmartPaper content performs both auto grading as well as allows students to show their steps using free form handwriting, and captures all the intermediate steps that students took to arrive at the answer. Any form of interactive worksheets can be modeled using SmartPaper in various subjects including Math, and Science. SmartVideo enables students to watch a video and at preset markers allow them to work on either a smartlabel or a smartpaper exercise that will help the teachers gauge the understanding of the video content by students.
What types of student interaction data does Knomadix capture?
Knomadix captures both the end results — how much time the students spent on an exercise, how many questions they answered correctly and how many they got wrong, as well as a detailed step by step view of every stroke that the student entered into the content, so teachers can get a clear understanding of where the students lack in their comprehension of key concepts.
Can my students use Knomadix Backpack to access content across multiple classes taught by other teachers?
Yes, of course. The main objective of Backpack is to simplify the organization and workflow that the students go through everyday with all their subjects. Backpack helps students manage work across all classes they are enrolled in one easy to use interface.
Can I (as a teacher) use Knomadix Classroom to manage all classes I teach?
Yes of course. The main objective of Classroom is to simplify the organization and everyday workflow for teachers, simplify their work and improve efficiencies.
Are student assignments always auto-graded?
Not necessarily. Knomadix is flexible and provides options for educators to assign the lessons to students in either a practice mode or test mode. Test mode suppresses all feedback elements, while performing auto-grading activities that can simplify teachers’ grading duties. Practice type content provides immediate feedback to students, as well as automatically grades and aggregates performance data. In addition, the content can include free form answers which require manual assessment by teachers.
What type of data analytics is supported in Analytics?
Knomadix provides both summary views of student performance across the entire class, as well as detailed views of a single student across multiple concept levels. Teachers also have the option to have performance data mapped to the state level standards.

Individualized lessons

Knomadix lessons can be easily customized at the district, classroom, group or individual student level. This gives educators the freedom and power to transition smoothly from analog to a digital system.

Interactive, Dynamic content

Knomadix lessons allows students to interact with the content using multiple modalities: touch input, drag and drop, hand-written script, audio and video.

Simplified workflow

Knomadix Backpack and Classroom apps eliminate unnecessary steps in assigning, submitting, grading and assessing student performance.

Immediate feedback

Knomadix contextual and timely feedback permits students to learn through experimentation without getting lost.

Auto grading

Knomadix auto grading helps to improve efficiency of student assessment while reducing teacher grading duties.

Data Analytics

Knomadix integrated analytics allow teachers to easily gauge student progress and assess learning outcomes.

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