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Personalized instruction with instant feedback
Smarter and accelerated interventions
Step-by-step student work capture and replay
Curriculum-agnostic learning experience platform
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The AI Operating System for Learning and Education

Where Learning Experience Design meets AI

The Foundation for Delivering Personalized Instruction

Unleashing every student's potential with the power of virtual teacher assistants

The Foundation for Amplifying Student Engagement

Creating a stimulating learning environment personalized for each student

The Foundation for Expanded Teacher Reach and Capacity

Reducing workload for every teacher while accelerating measurable outcomes

Our Purpose

Knomadix provides a solution to the ever-present challenge of engaging students and supporting teachers in their pursuit of excellence. By leveraging advanced technology and proven educational strategies, we empower teachers, inspire students, and accelerate human learning.

Revitalize Teaching

Our goal is to enhance the quality of education by providing teachers with the necessary tools and support to improve their instructional practices and implement technology-enhanced teaching strategies in all learning environments.

  • Simplicity, flexibility, and ease-of-use
  • Data-driven and dynamic instruction for effective interventions
  • Foster a growth environment for every teacher to become a super-teacher

Magnify Impact

Our ultimate objective is to enhance the results of education. Our user-friendly platform provides a trustworthy environment for learning, valuable data analysis, and effective means to cater to each student's unique requirements, ensuring better academic outcomes.

  • Expand high quality learning with customized lesson bots
  • Cost-effective and scalable AI deployment
  • Comprehensive digital education platform enabling a seamless digital classroom experience

Knomadix Impact

Delivering personalized instruction and one-on-one learning support using customized curriculum resources has become easier than ever with Knomadix. Below are examples of how we have helped revitalize teaching practices and improve student outcomes.
Accelerating Math outcomes by helping 40% more students to pass their 5th grade STAAR exams
“ With Knomadix NumberSense, students are truly learning and having fun at the same time, and that is really the ultimate goal of an educator – to make students want to learn and develop a love of learning ”
Dr. Matthew Haid
Garland Classical Academy
Custom math bots to help 3rd grade math students improve benchmark scores with smarter and accelerated interventions
Knomadix does what teachers do not have time to do. It supercharges lessons, captures student’s step by step work and helps resolve student misconceptions using virtual teaching assistants. It’s a game-changer for interventions, especially Math and Science.”  Superintendent, Ignite Community Schools, Responsive Ed Solutions
Dr. Ericka Johnson-Allen,
Responsive Ed Solutions
To increase math achievement at a Title 1 school in Arlington ISD with sponsorship from GM Foundation.
“ Knomadix NumberSense is one of the most innovative apps that I’ve ever used in my classroom. NumberSense provides differentiation, self-scaffolding and student choice wrapped up in an engaging, gamified app. It’s the closest any app has ever come to being my Co-teacher. ”
Marylynn Tatum
Roark Elementary School, Arlington ISD, Texas
Double digit growth in student performance
Triple digit % increased gains vs Texas average gains

Gains on 2021-22 Year end Texas STAAR test results in comparison with Texas state-wide average

Texas Average Gains
Knomadix Gains
2.5x Texas Average 39%
3.5x Texas Average 36%
7x Texas Average 14%


  • Approaches performance band: +39% students, 2.5 times Texas state average
  • Meets performance band: +36% students, 3.5 times Texas state average
  • Exceeds performance band: +14% students, 7 times Texas state average

Creating a cohesive education experience

With one-on-one dynamic learning solutions, our products bridge the gap between traditional and progressive education. We amplify teaching and learning outcomes with personalized lessons, integrate mobile devices into core workflows, and maximized device usefulness in and beyond the classroom. Below are our two products to supercharge digital learning delivery for schools: Knovo Learning eXperience Design Platform (Knovo LXD) and NumberSense
Knovo Learning eXperience Design Platform offers a comprehensive suite of tools that expand high-quality learning and provide dynamic instruction, Knovo LXD is designed to empower students to take control of their learning journey and to equip teachers and parents with the tools they need to support them.

Here’s how we do it:
Enable personalized learning, customized lesson bots, and stepwise instruction
Captures step-by-step student work through adaptive and interactive assessments
Automated grading, real-time feedback, and scaffolded interventions
Cost-effective and scalable AI deployment through content agnostic hyper-customization
Bridge the gap between classroom and home, provide access to high-quality education anywhere
Facilitate Teachers to track student progress and support their learning and growth.
AI-assisted interactive app that gamifies math learning, fosters critical thinking, and guides students to master numbersense skills.
The gamification and immediate feedback taps into the  competitive nature of humans nurturing an active learning environment.
The app provides actionable analytics for for educators and parents so that they can support students when they need it.
Number+Sense empowers students with improved confidence and academic achievement.
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